Free Courses

Spring Clean – 7 day detox

  Get ready for summer with a spring clean of your insides. This simple 7 day detox programme is a opportunity to give your body the renewal it needs. So don’t just tidy up your desk or house, spring clean your diet too.. … and you’ll soon be looking good and feeling great. All in… Read more »

3x3x3 Fit and Lean in 9 Days

This 9 day programme is really easy – really quick and really effective. You’ll gain energy, feel better and you’ll be fitter too. You may also lose weight – but sometimes, we need to gain weight or just shift the ratio from fat to muscle – and as muscle weighs more than fat, we don’t… Read more »

Running Fit for Starters

Getting fit means a bit of high speed exercise – such as running, cycling or swimming. You can also had hill walking too if you like, as that makes the heart beat faster and raises the speed of breathing. However, flat terrain walking doesn’t really count. So, this short – free – online course –… Read more »