Running Fit for Starters

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Getting fit means a bit of high speed exercise – such as running, cycling or swimming. You can also had hill walking too if you like, as that makes the heart beat faster and raises the speed of breathing. However, flat terrain walking doesn’t really count.

So, this short – free – online course – is for those of us that have been thinking about starting to run – as a way to get fitter and keep fit – rather than those who already run 5k quite easily or are part of a club.

The biggest challenge to starting to run is the beginning! We feel a bit silly and perhaps we don’t have the latest gear or are uncertain about our footwear. Or may be we’ve got the gear, we just feel a bit silly running for 2 minutes and then grinding to a halt!

If so, this online course is for you.

It is designed to help anyone – young and old – who hasn’t done a lot of running recently and is looking to build fitness and strength.

There is plenty of research now to demonstrate that not only does running strengthen the heart, but it also improves mental capacity and can prevent the onset of dementia in older people.

So, physical and mental health and well being can all be found in a bit of running!

So, come and join – it is free – and you can cancel the course at any time.