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Keep Fit and Weight Managed on holiday

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The bag is packed, the flight is booked and you are ready! Ready for a holiday! Fantastic! So, what about keeping fit? And, keeping to a good weight? What’s the plan? Let’s be honest, if we are about to take off to a sunny French resort or a super luxury Spanish holiday villa … then we’re… Read more »

Clean 9 – Save 15% + Free Mentoring (worth £100)*

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Post Christmas cleanse – Lose weight, get fit! Save 15%, free delivery and free mentoring (worth £100) – but hurry* Click here to order your Clean 9 and save 15% on the retail price plus get a fully mentored programme from Susanne and Neil Lewis. Our clients get great support (as much or as little… Read more »

How to Win at Making Clean 9 a Success and Get Fit Goals for 2016

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It’s a great question – not how do you make goals to cut down your weight and get fit in 2016 (that’s easy), but how do you succeed? We all have that feeling, don’t we? I would make it a goal, but every time in the past I’ve said ‘I’ll get fit, I’ll lose weight, I’ll join… Read more »

Argi+ Reviews, Benefits and Side effects

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Argi+ by Forever Living Products, is a go to supplement used by both normal people for more energy and better nutritional distribution but also by athletes (amateur and top) who want to run, swim, cycle, play better and recover faster. Argi+ is a proprietorial mix which is highly commended by Dr Murad – one of the three… Read more »

Chester Wall Walkers

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Chester Wall Walkers – network whilst we get fit! June is a great month for getting in trim for the summer. We are organising a daily Chester Wall Walk in June and you are welcome to join us for free. You can join us (Mon-Fri) at 7am Rufus Court, or 7.10 Under the Clock Tower… Read more »

Argi+ review – 6 Ways it helps me to Run

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L-arginine has been called the miracle compound – and for good reason! Since Nobel Prize winner Dr Ferid Murad’s discovery of Nitric Oxide in the 1980s he says that he is no longer surprised at the ways in which amino acid L-arginine can impact on our cardiovascular system and general health. Whether taken for general… Read more »

Building Lean Muscle

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How easy is it to build lean muscle? Well, I guess I’ve been finding out lately! For the past three months I’ve follow the Forever FIT 2 programme – which essentially means lots of Aloe Vera plus some nutritional support and the Forever Lite protein and nutrition shake which is design to more easily be… Read more »