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What to do when you get the fitness blues?

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You’ve done the Clean 9 and got great results! Brilliant! You’ve started Fit 1 / Fit 2 – and begun to increase the exercise; you do know that you have two rest days per week (yes, that’s right, exercise well on 5 days – rest on two), right? And then something happens… … perhaps it’s… Read more »

Argi+ Reviews, Benefits and Side effects

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Argi+ by Forever Living Products, is a go to supplement used by both normal people for more energy and better nutritional distribution but also by athletes (amateur and top) who want to run, swim, cycle, play better and recover faster. Argi+ is a proprietorial mix which is highly commended by Dr Murad – one of the three… Read more »

What counts as exercise?

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I get asked this question all the time – “does this or that count as exercise”? Well, in general, yes! The key question is does ‘this or that’ exercise mean that your pulse or heart rate rises a little, perhaps you had to breath a little (or lot) deeper and you may (or may not) have felt… Read more »

Dave ‘never run again’ Pickles’ remarkable recovery from sports injury with Argi+ and Freedom

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Dave Pickles was a man on a mission – and a man with a serious injury. He had fallen 12m when on a Kilimanjaro climb and had been told that he would never run again. But he proved the experts wrong. How did he do it? Find out… To everyone’s great surprise, Dave not only made… Read more »

Liverpool Gyms

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Let’s take a look at the top gyms in and around Liverpool. We’ve sorted the gyms by location – starting with those inside Liverpool City Centre. Then we sort the gyms into pure gyms and gyms attached to a hotel. Lastly, we have a category for specialist gyms – ie. specialist sports clubs or health… Read more »