5 Tips on How to Be a Great Personal Trainer

I have mentioned previously how personal Trainers need to be more personal with their clients. However how to actually do this can be a little more complex.

So here is a list of 5 tips that I’ve found help trainers become more ‘personal’  with their clients and attract new and existing customers;

5 Tips to keep it personal

1. Always return calls and emails promptly – within 24 hours

2. Send your clients and potential clients thank you cards (or emails) for their interest  – within 48 hours

3. Be on time for any meetings! There is nothing worse than talking the talk and not walking the walk

4. Be approachable by being sympathetic to their needs – this means listening to what they want and not just talking about your skills and experience. If you spend 65% of the time listening and 35% of the time explaining – then you probably have it about right

5. Be organised! Get to know your clients goals and personality from the initial call so that when you meet you can confirm what they need and offer solutions that fit.

I know it seems strange to list these simple parts however, in my experience it is these simple tips and procedures that keep clients with you but are too often forgotten (especially when we get busy)!


Why is this the right approach?

You might ask why this list seems necessary?

Well, whilst working with personal trainers I have found that when they are actively looking for new clients, they are approachable and willing to help.

However, once they become too busy then their personal connection and follow up with clients and new clients falls away fast.

I have personally passed on client’s details to a personal trainer only for them to say, ‘I’m fully booked at the moment, sorry I can’t help you’.

I think you can guess what the result of this was?

Yes, the personal trainer lost a potential client simply because he/she didn’t consider how they could have worked around their busy schedule to take a bit of time to listen to my referral.

How do we solve the time issue?

My suggestion is that even if you, the personal trainer, are already busy, then you should always take a little time to give some free advice or at least find out the clients needs/wants. Some clients will want to lose weight, others want to get fit for a 10k run, others want a structured programme to keep fit and healthy

Often, you will find, that you can help the potential client, even if you have a busy schedule.

And, by using my ‘5 tips to keep it personal’  this would keep a client attached with you, the trainer, and ensure that you have established trust between you and the client.

If a busy schedule stops you actually conducting the personal training sessions then the professional thing to do is recommend other trainers – once you have assessed the client and his needs so that you can make a good match between the potential client and who might be best able to help him or her.

I feel that the Fitness industry is expansive and growing continuously, so why not help each other out and I am sure the favour will be returned?