6 Tips to Fit and Healthy 2013

On average, we add about 4 or 5 pounds over Christmas. So what are we going to do about this?

Yes, all that eating, drinking and having a good time has a cost – we start the new year a little overweight and a little less fit. Or perhaps, even more overweight or even more unfit.

So, starting the new year, we get motivated to do something about it. We sign up for a gym, we buy new sports gear, we commit to eating better and so on and so forth.

But does it work?

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no! So, here are our top tips to ensure your new year health and fitness commitment turns out to be the success you wanted it to be:


1. Track everything!

Yep, buy yourself a little notebook and write down everything you eat and every piece of exercise that you take. Track the walk to the shops, the jog around the corner. Track the biscuit you ate, the glass of wine you enjoyed, the bar of chocolate you added.

Tracking everything will give you the ability to choose what you maintain and what you give up. It will give you the power to change, slowly, steadily and easily.


2. Start slowly

The biggest risk that you face – in not achieving your goal – is that you take on too much too quickly, discover that you are not ready to cope with that level of change or commitment and then throw it all out and declare ‘I’m no good at this…’ ¬†or ‘I’m not cut out for this’.

Does this sound familiar? Yep?

Well, that’s how many people start. We begin with a huge goal and then when we don’t make immediate progress, we drop it all.

Instead, start slowly. Start with something that you know you can already do. So, if you know you can walk around the block, then just walk around the block twice per day – not just once. Or, start to run (instead of walking) and when ever you get out of breath, then stop running and just walk.

Start slowly and keep improving slowly! Use your notebook to keep track of your progress and use the notebook to record your progress – over time.

You see, you will make progress, but only slowly.


3. Keep at it

Our next tip is pretty obvious following from keeping a track and starting slowly.

Simply keeping at it will take you further than you can ever imagine – but, here’s the thing; you’ll never be able to connect any single action with the huge changes you can make in your health and fitness. All you will know is that your consistent effort is what will makes massive change. So, just keep at it – slowly and steadily – and you will see huge change.


4. Choose your diet programme carefully!

In fact, don’t choose a diet programme – choose a nutrition programme!

Why is this? Many people’s failure with diets is a result of the diet using a ‘starvation technique’ to gain quick results (remember the start slowly advice above?).

Instead, the best way to lose weight and slim down is to massively increase the nutritional quality of what you are eating.

You see, if you are eating really well, then you’ll have more energy – which makes exercise easier, and you’ll have less inclination to eat bad – sugary – food.

One of the best programmes on the market is the detox or nutri-lean programme – as this is focused on helping the body work better, with more energy and providing a real nutrition boost too.

You can also change what you eat by ordering a box of vegetable to be delivered to your door every week from someone like Able and Cole.

5. Do it with someone

There is nothing like other people! As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. So, join a group of people who can help you

This might be a local group – or it might be a facebook group like our FitNW group – where you can join other people committed to getting healthy, losing weight and getting fit. The encouragement you’ll get from this group will hold you to your commitments and keep you going when things get tough. You can share moments and get encouragement. It is the difference maker.

If you can afford a personal trainer, then he or she will help you keep to your goals. However, if a trainer too much for you, then use a group – either our group or your own group – where you can hook up with like minded people and get support and give encouragement.

6. Just do it

Our last tip is to Just Do It! There is nothing that will make it easier if you wait – if you decide to get fit, lose weight, start running or just want to slim down before a wedding or special event, then do it now. Do it right now, there is never going to be a better or an easier time to get started.


“You can’t change your destination over night, but you can change your direction right now!” Jim Rohn