7 Tips on how to lose weight

 1. Throw away the diet book. Crash diets are bad for you, so ditch them. We’re going for long term weight loss coupled with better health. There is only one way to do it – and this is one day at a time.

 2. Measure your movement. If you don’t know what you are currently doing, how can you increase it or change it? Get yourself a movement watch or download a movement app to your phone.

 3. Check your diet? What are you eating? What can you cut down on (okay, you don’t have to remove it entirely – just eat less of the bad stuff and more of the good).

 4. Eat more. And yes, probably eat lots more! But don’t use sugar to replace energy. Keep off the coke, beer and chocolate. Instead replace with an energy shake or in season piece of fruit.

5. Create an exercise plan.[/bit] No plan usually means no action – so write it down – preferably in your paper (or digital) diary – and then stick to it. Look, it might just be a decision to get up early twice a week – that’s all.

 6. Start slowly exercising and build up. There is no point in rushing things. If you haven’t run in years, start by walking. Then begin with 200 meter runs at the end of the walk. There’s no hurry.

 7. Stick to your fitness guns. Keep going even when things get tough. Remember it is the regular exercise that burns off the fat not the one off bursts.