A Simple Nutrition Secret to Keep Fit and Healthy

Finding the right stability between food intake and exercise is what really defines our state of health and fitness. Both work in tandem, supporting one another in our everyday life. So it’s not surprising that when we have set goals we want to achieve, we need our bodies to adapt accordingly to reach them.

But how?

Research suggests we need a balanced diet and through a constant stream of media platforms, you have access to ALL the information you need, so what’s the problem?

The issue is not that we are ill-informed or not knowledgeable when it comes to a balanced diet, it’s that there is too much information which links to facts and figures and sways our decisions in making the right and so called wrong choices.

Also, we are all different.

We have different bodily variables and millions of ways to help them…fantastic. So how do we honestly and carefully manage obesity issues and basic, fundamental understanding to what needs to be eaten.

Think about a journey and destination

We can travel many routes to get to our destination, but ultimately we will always arrive at our target one way or another.

The same applies with your set goals within nutrition.

If you want to lose weight and set yourself a target to do so, there are numerous ways to get there however, in this case, some ways are healthy and some are not.

This secret will hopefully help you realise which ways will benefit you, and not just get you to a set goal which in turn, may put you in further health dangers.

So what’s the health and fitness secret?

It is this –  ensure the following;

  • 75% of each meal should include; fruit, vegetables and starch
  • 25% of each meal should include lean meat. Or alternatives such as beans and lentils
  • Go for wholegrain and wholemeal instead of potatoes and pasta

Moving forward with is easy.

Try and base most meals you eat with the above, simple criteria. You’re sporting/fitness goals will dictate fluctuations with some of your meals but the basics do not change.

So don’t feel overwhelmed with all that information out there and make your fundamentals the starting point to a healthier lifestyle.

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