Most of us will live longer than we expected – but will we live better?

FitNW is a campaigning web based community to encourage us to get fit, keep fit, lose weight and enjoy better health for longer.

All of us face a declining NHS – greater rationing and more narrowly focussed – so we are left with a choice. Either we take care of our health and fitness ourselves or we will spend more time being unwell or with low energy.

All this is happening at a time when more and more of us are freelance, contracting or self-employed and we are facing smaller pensions which require us to work for longer.

Here’s the question – how will we manage to work until we are 67 or 70 or 75 if we are not fit and health?

Equally, if we can’t work longer, then how will we afford the medical care and attention that we will need later in life?

We don’t believe that medical insurance or the NHS can protect us from this fact. We simply have to take health and fitness into our own hands and see it as an investment in ourselves.

Not only will good health help us to be effective in our work, but will mean we can be productive for more years and will need less money for health care in our later years.

We simply can’t afford not to be healthy. Please join our community and help us get the message out there.

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