Argi+ Reviews, Benefits and Side effects

Aneil profile squ oulton 2015 marchrgi+ by Forever Living Products, is a go to supplement used by both normal people for more energy and better nutritional distribution but also by athletes (amateur and top) who want to run, swim, cycle, play better and recover faster.

Argi+ is a proprietorial mix which is highly commended by Dr Murad – one of the three Nobel Prize for Medicine winners who discovered the amino acid L’Arginine.

Here we answer your questions about Argi+, provide reviews and discuss any possible side effects

What is Argi+

Argi+ is the proprietary combination of L’Arginine put together by Forever Nutraceuticals – part of the Forever Living Products organisation. Argi+ contains both L’Arginine and also a range of super fruits (eg. pomegranate, red wine extract and grape skin which help support our bodily systems).

What is L’Arginine

L-Arginine is an amino acid that’s so potent, that scientists have referred to it as the “Miracle Molecule.”

And for good reason, because our bodies convert L-Arginine into nitric oxide, a molecule that helps blood vessels relax and open wide for greater blood flow. This can help anyone engaging in exercise but also those who struggle with blood pressure issues.

Why is Argi+ better than pure L’Arginine?

There are two key reasons – firstly, Argi+ tastes soooooooooo much better than pure L’Arginine but also, the superfruits help and the high sources of vitamin C they bring are there to support the immune system. Vitamin C is critical because L’Arginine increases the oxygenation of the blood flow systems, muscles and organs and, of course, higher levels of oxygenation are associated with higher levels of free radical damage (think rust).

By adding a super cocktail of immune supporting and Vitamin C rich ingredients, the body has the resources to effectively handle the increase in oxygenation. Pretty cool, huh?

So, the side effect of L’Arginine is an increase in oxidation?

Yes, exactly. This is why Argi+’s unique combination of super fruits (anti-oxidants)- see above – tackles the key downside of L’Arginine and creates a super-quality product that even the joint discoverer of L’Arginine, Dr Murad, uses and commends.

So what are the benefits of Argi+?


Greater blood flow, without additional pressure on the cardiovascular system, means that more oxygen and nutrients reach our tissues, muscles and organs; also, waste products (such as lactic acid, which comes from running/ rapid use of muscles mainly at the beginning of exercise) are more efficiently removed.

  • Better performance (if you run, like me, expect to take minutes off your personal best times)
  • Exercise at a higher level with lower blood pressure (my experience is that I can run faster but without raising blood pressure as high)
  • After exercise – better recovery (so, less muscle soreness the following day – especially if taken within 30 minutes of the end of the exercise)

From a nutritional point of view, we also take Argi+ because we believe it helps to distribute nutrients from our food throughout the body. This benefits normal healthy people by getting their good nutrition to the muscles, tissues and organs where it is needed, as well as those that struggle with lack of energy.

Why is greater blood flow important?

Greater blood flow matters because it supports many key functions in our body:

  • Healthy blood pressure levels
  • Overall cardiovascular health
  • Immune function
  • Muscle growth
  • Bone & tissue growth & repair
  • Male sexual function
  • Fat and glucose metabolism
  • Anti-aging hormone production and much more

And for sports people, they can perform better and recover faster.

What does it taste like?

Great actually! The combination of red fruits with the L’Arginine combines to make a great tasting drink.

How do you make it / take it?

Just add an Argi+ sachet to a glass of water and mix.

Although, if you want to make a super-power drink you can mix it with an Aloe-2-Go Sachet (aloe vera with mangosteen and pomegranate) or mix it with the Forever Lite nutritional shake (this is particularly good before a long run or stamina based exercise – but you need to take it 2 hours before starting)

How do runners or sports people take Argi+

I have taken Argi+ on multiple occasions – so 2 hours before exercise – either in a long glass of water (3/4 of a pint); 30 minutes before exercise in a small glass of water and after exercise in a long drink to aid recovery.

Argi+ reviews?

My person review of Argi+ is that it delivers the energy and nutrition to muscles before running and helps to repair and reduce stiffness afterwards.  I combine Argi+ with water, Aloe-to-Go and also our nutritional shake.

It is impossible to measure the exact benefit of nutrition – partly because it is cumulative and partly because no run is like another (different terrain, different weather and how you feel on the day or how much sleep you had varies too). However, measured anecdotally, I have only ever achieved a personal best time when I use Argi+. My best times come when I combine it with the nutritional shake two hours before a race and second small volume Argi+ drink 30 minutes before running. I also use Bee Pollen and Therm tablets as a source of natural and natural caffeine energy. Again, anecdotally, I find that these supplements are more impactful when taken alongside my L’Arginine supplement.

Okay, to quantify? I would estimate that Argi+ takes 1 minute off my 5k times and 2 minutes off my 10k times. Often when running casually – a parkrun on Saturday mornings – I just take one drink of Argi+ – but for a race, I will go the full distance – Argi+ with the nutritional shake, Argi+ with water 30 mins before, 10+ bee pollen and one Therm tablet. In these cases, I reckon I reduce my 5k time by a couple of minutes and my 10k time by as much as 4 minutes.

Of course, it is impossible to say definitively and the energy of a crowd and a race makes you quicker, but I think it is fair to say that my times are measurably faster with Argi+ and that multiple / combined use makes me even quicker.

One thing that is definitely measurable is that taking Argi+ shortly after a race reduces muscle stiffness, so that I’m still pretty flexible and free moving the day after a personal best time.

What to read more? Please see my review about how Argi+ helps me to run?

Argi+ Professional Reviews

A large and growing number of professional athletes also use Argi+ and have given the supplement positive reviews;


“We take Argi+ for re-energising. It helps blood flow and you feel fit again much more quickly”
Nicole and Lothar Leader – Triathletes

Using Argi+ as part of our regime, “our athletes perform for longer, delay fatigue and reduce chance of injury”
Nutritionist, Notts County Football Club

“Using Aloe Vera and L’Arginine Super High Vit C with professional football, ladies football and at the London Olympics has formed a significant part of the success achieved.”
Nutritionist, Notts County Football Club

“Argi+ helps recover faster – return to normal power in less time and gave me a 6 second improvement in certain training times”
Gunther Weidlinger  is Austria’s most-talented long-distance runner.

“With Argi+ my mobility and capacity for regeneration has clearly improved.”
Robert Förstemann, Olympic Cyclist Bronze medallist, London 2012

Is it safe for amateur and professional athletes?

Yes, Argi+ has been test by HFL Science Laboratories and found to be free from contamination or any banned substances. Professional athletes who require absolute certainty can order batches of Argi+ which will be individually tested before release to provide absolute certainty and confidence. Please contact us for more information.

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