Neil Lewis

Neil Lewis
  • I can help you to: Lose Weight, Get Fit, Start Building Muscle, Start Running, Improving Health for Longer Life
  • Nearest City: Chester
  • Gender: Male
  • How I Train: I like to run early in the morning - or a short, faster run in the late evening.
  • My Favourite Product: Argi+ - its like having a second wind - only you don't have to wait!

I’m an entrepreneur, runner (as of 5 years), dad, husband and entrepreneur.

This year I’ve completed three 10k runs – Port Sunlight,  Manchester Great Run and the Natterjacks Southport run.

My goal is to complete a 10k at below 50 minutes.

I’m late 40’s & want to keep healthy and fit for a long time yet… and that’s what drives me to run.

If you are looking for a running companion – up to 10 KM – in the Chester, area, get in touch.

I can help set people up in business or just help people get great health and fitness products that can keep them fit, healthy and running for longer.

Get in touch if you want to find out more about what I do and the Forever FIT products I work with. Or you can directly order from our shop.

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