BMI is dead – just use waist and height

Did you actually ever know what BMI was? Well, whether you did or not (actually it means Body Mass Index) you can now forget all about it.

Why’s that?

… because researchers have figured out that your waist and height measurements are a better indicator of whether you are over-weight or at risk of heart, kidney, liver or other such diseases.

Dr Ashwell, who led the research, said that “keeping your waist circumference to less than half your height can help increase life expectancy for every person in the world.”

That means, if you are 6ft tall – then your waist should not exceed 36 inches – which might be typical for a man. Or for a woman 5’2″ she should keep her waist at no more than 31″.

This simple measure is easily available to everyone – we’ve all got a tape measure right? And can not only help us to set fitness – or perhaps leanness goals – but keep a close track on those goals too.