Body Building with 4 Key Vitamins

Here at FitNW we typically have an interest in getting fit and staying slim as a way of keeping healthy.

However, body builders are typically interested in the reverse – that is – adding bulk.

To achieve extra muscle or bulk, body builders know that they need to focus on protein typically using a combination of shakes and high or lean protein diets. However, body builders often over look the importance of vitamins when it comes to gaining ‘healthy’ weight.

So, despite the fact that not many builders ask ‘why do I need vitamins’ or ‘how can vitamins help me’ it has been shown that they are an essential part of increasing muscle mass.

Here are four of the most important vitamins that you should consider when body building.

1. Vitamin A (beta-carotene)

Studies show that Vitamin A is vital for vision but what you need to know about beta-carotene when considering bodybuilding is that it’s important for strong bone structure.

It’s used for synthesizing protein, the basic mechanics of gaining muscle, and many consider it fundamental for growing and now important for builders to support the intense weight gain. It also appears to attribute to lowering the risk of cancer in non-smokers and risk of heart attacks.

2. Vitamin B (thiamine)

Vitamin B is required for protein metabolism and growth.

This vitamin is necessary for you to make full use of the carbohydrates you intake, a catalyst if you will. Carbs are obviously crucial as they slowly release energy throughout the day and for those workout sessions down the gym. Without enough vitamin B, it can be a struggle to do the even the shortest of gym routines. Vitamin B can also be used to form glycogen, which is used in extreme psychical performances allowing you to push harder for longer.

3. Vitamin C

Vit C can lower the stress of intense physical pressure when taken both before and after a workout, it can also protect the muscles against pathogens and free radicals.

Vitamin C has been associated with improving the recovery of the muscles and is important for maintaining connective tissue within tendons and cartilage.

4. Biotin

For those attempting to cut down on body fat to let their muscular composition shine through, Biotin is thought of as the elemental ingredient as it maximizes your red blood cells, allowing more oxygen to be carried round the body.This is linked to the deconstruction of amino acids which can be instrumental in loosing body fat.

Although some vitamins are more essential than others it is important to ensure that whilst body building you aren’t without a healthy intake of vitamins. Not only will they help you reach your body building goal but can also help you achieve it in great health.