Bootcamps – what are they for?

Bootcamps are the new ‘big idea’ in fitness training and are catching on across the country.

But what are they and will they work for me?

They can vary from local park based exercise classes, to more formal classes in a gym or village hall to a residential weekend or week. You can even sign up for bootcamp holidays for one or two weeks in a sunny location such as a Greek island or Spanish Costa.

Some courses have a particular focus – such as ‘getting wedding fit in two weeks’. But most have the simple aim of increasing fitness and helping us manage or lose weight.

Bootcamps are typically run by local personal trainers who are looking to give their clients a more intensive fitness experience. This is especially true of the weekend or week long fitness camps.

Equally, bootcamps are a way for personal trainers who are not attached to any particular gym to offer a fitness class – once or twice per week – and of course, the cost of a class is considerably lower than hiring a personal trainer for a one-to-one session.

These sessions also have the advantage that they offer an opportunity to get to know the personal trainer before you enter into a discussion about one-to-one trainer.

Hence, one smart way to find a personal trainer that works for you is to try them out on a bootcamp course.

Of course, this strategy works best when you attend a local trainer’s weekly class.

However, a residential bootcamp, for a week or weekend, can massively increase your ability to get fit. These typically also include food (or rather, don’t include much food)! So, the residential bootcamp is also an opportunity to eat better and appropriately for the exercise levels that you are committed too.

Again, the longer the bootcamp – ie a week or longer – the greater the chance that the residential course will have enough time to help you break bad food and eating habits and establish a more healthy regime. Coupled with a greatly increased fitness and a slimmed down figure, these make for a great result.

The fear that accompanies most bootcamps is, of course, whether you will be fit enough to exercise hard every day! Sometimes pictures of all these fit and ‘hard exercising’ people can put off mere mortals!  Hence, when looking for an extended residential course, then check out the level of fitness required at the outset and ask how they can accommodate your current physical condition.

Knowing that you’ll be taken care of and will get a great result – no matter from where you begin – is the key to a success week in the sun with a bootcamp fitness camp.