Can a box of vegetables help you get fit and healthy?

At home, we’ve been trying a vegetable experiment.

Every Monday a chap leaps from his large yellow (slightly grungy) van and rushes to our door with a large box.

The box is not like any other that we are used to. It is not stuck down nor sealed, the wavy flaps are just folded over and it is tied up with string – it all feels very 1950s (not that I was around then).

It is, of course, a box of mixed organic vegetables from Abel and Cole.

Every week, we put out last week’s cardboard box and in exchange we get a replacement box (nothing is ever new) with new (in season) vegetables in it.

So, fun, curious and whimsical it is – but does it work? Does a box of vegetable help you to be fit and healthy?

My answer? Yes!

Having watched a pretty scary video on the problems that most people have with their colon, in which our bodies are described as having been designed to expel the waste after each meal, we realised that our colons were not as in good shape as we thought!

Yes, we are big fans of inner leaf aloe vera, we are relatively fit (we thought) and eat well, but the ‘after every meal’ colon test was an interesting one!

Now, of course, with our wonder box of mystery vegetables (you see, we don’t actually know what we are going to get), we’ve become, well, how can I say this, err… more regular!

So, last night we had beetroot pasta – and again for lunch (yes, it tasted good, but there were left overs). Every night now we eat salad as we desperately try to use up the vegetables before the next box comes.

And the night before that we were eating baked mushrooms  – with a salad.

So, yes, the vegetable box is making us eat even better and making sure we eat up our greens and salads before the yellow van appears on the drive next Monday.

Each week we receive vegetables we’ve never heard of – Chinese leaf cabbage anyone? And, as a result, we have had to become more adventurous in what we eat and how we eat it.

The clever thing about the box arriving every week is that we have to eat what we’ve got – so, there is no ducking of the issue. We’ve got to come up with something to do with all the items – this week we’ve radishes as well, I wonder what we’ll do with them?

The result? Well, more regular, as described above, but also good energy and a stronger will to resist sugary and fatty foods (such as biscuits). Which means that, yes, a box of random organic vegetables can help you become fitter and more healthy – especially when chosen for you and delivered to you door – every week.