Choosing a personal trainer

No matter what your fitness goals – there will be a personal trainer who is right for you.

Here are our tips on getting it right

 1. Talk to a few personal trainers

Many different personal trainers use or offer different styles of getting fit. Finding a style that suits you is important. However, you can’t know

 2. Find someone local

If you live in Chester – find a personal trainer in Chester. If you live in Manchester, find someone close to home in Manchester or Stockport or where ever you live. A personal trainer will teach you and show you places to run or gyms to work out in your local neighbourhood or place of work.

 3. Set goals

Work with your personal trainer to set (realistic but stretching) goals. That way you’ll be able to measure your performance and see the difference that your personal trainer is making to you achieving those goals. Of course, a professional personal trainer will be able to help you re-adjust your goals according to your rate of progress and keep you motivated during the trainings and workouts.

 4. Ask about plans and methods

Experienced personal trainers will have a set plan (or plans) and will be able to explain what you might achieve with each. Don’t settle for a trainer who says ‘let’s just start and see how we get on’.

 5. Bootcamp try out?

The summer offers a great chance to go into the local park and join a bootcamp. This is both great for building or slimming the body in time for the summer holiday as well as a really good way to get to know your trainer.