Forever Clean 9 to Fit 15 – how to succeed

The new Fit 15 is out and designed to fit into your level of fitness in order to take you to the next level.

Fit 15 - beginner

Fit 15 – beginner

Fit 15 – BEGINNER (read the Fit 15 BEGINNER Booklet)

Fit 15 - intermediate

Fit 15 – intermediate

Fit 15 – INTERMEDIATE (read the Fit 15 INTERMEDIATE Booklet)

Fit 15 - advanced

Fit 15 – advanced

Fit 15 – ADVANCED (read the Fit 15 ADVANCED Booklet)

So, how do you choose? Is it the right step from Clean 9 to Fit 15? How does Fit 15 work? And how do *you* get best results? Find the answers here – or ask a question in the comments below…

What is the difference between Fit 15 beginner and the intermediate and advanced Fit 15?

Nothing! Well, actually, a little something! The products are identical, but your programme or plan is different!

Let me explain…

Should I just repeat Clean 9 or go onto Fit 15?

Go onto 15 – definitely! The key is to getting the right advice about your Fit 15 so that you choose the right programme or plan. You should also choose to buy your Fit 15 programme from someone who is able to support you during the plan in case you wish to step or step down on the programme.

Can I change the Fit 15 programme half way through?

Yes, of course! The booklet in your box will be the one you choose, but you can adapt your programme at any point – or simply download and print out an alternative plan if you feel you can go further – or, let’s say, stuff happens and you need to take it a bit more slowly.

Either way, once you are on the programme, you will get results if you keep going no matter if you are at the beginner, intermediate or advanced stage.

Do I still need to do Fit 1 – Fit 2?

No, but you can if you are more committed. Still, Fit 15 is designed so that you can commit to the next 15 days and then repeat, if you wish – hence, making up your 30 day programme.

How does Fit 15 work?

Fit 15 works in pretty much the same way as Fit 1 and Fit 2 – you are using nutrition to get control over what you eat whilst you burn slightly more calories by increasing your exercise levels a little bit.

Essentially, for long term weight loss, you need to eat or consume 500 calories less than the AMR (a measure the the daily amount required). Your AMR will vary by day and according to what exercise you do, hence, what you consume needs to vary too.

Equally, Fit 15 is focused on helping you ‘spend’ your calories wisely – so that you get the energy replacement food without eating a biscuit tin (or other such!) :).

Should I start with Fit 15 beginner, intermediate or advanced?

Please contact me to discuss the best Forever Fit programme for you before placing your order. I find that no matter which programme you choose – beginner, intermediate or advanced – each person needs the programme to be adapted to suit their needs. So, do get in contact so that I can help set you up for success.

What do you get in the Fit 15 box

It’s the same in each box (beginner, intermediate or advanced) except that you receive a different manual / booklet. But even then, you still should seek advice on how best to implement the fit programme for your needs.

Still, here’s what you will find in each box

  1. 2 x 1 litre bottles Forever Aloe Vera Gel
  2. 1 x Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein (Chocolate)
  3. 1 x Forever Therm (30 tablets)
  4. 1 x Forever Garcinia Plus (90 softgels)
  5. 1 x Forever Fiber (15 packets)
  6. And, of course,

  7. Information booklet – according to your plan (ie Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)

How much exercise should I do?

I work with people who want to get fit and lose weight based on their current (or slightly raised) levels of exercise. I find that asking people to change the way they eat and massively increase exercise is a recipe for disaster. Why?

Simple. When we exercise more we need to eat more. And, if we are not already eating the right things (ie we’ve cut out most sugar, a lot of dairy, low on caffeine and not eating any low-fat products) then as we *increase* the amount we eat, we build muscle and lose fat.

Will I have enough to eat?

Everyone that I work with gets a custom made Fit plan – designed to give you enough to eat – to feel full and yet support the energy levels required for the exercise plan you choose whilst losing weight. Yes, it is possible – if we create a tailored Fit plan just for you.

What foods should I cut out on Fit 15?

I mainly concentrate on helping people reduce the amount of sugar and diary in their diet. Be careful though, a lot of that sugar is hidden. So, low-fat products often have much higher levels of sugar than normal and should be avoided. Coffee is fairly low calorie, but milk isn’t and caramel certainly is not.

Salt and snacks often have trans fats – so they are best discarded.

However, adding good fat, like olive oil, is an excellent idea. And remember, good fats and proteins help us feel full so we don’t crave the rubbish.

Who can help me work out which programme I need and support me during my Fit programme

You can buy your forever fit programme from my Fit shop. I support each and everyone of my customers before and during the programme – so you can be sure of best results. Just get in contact.

I’ve already bought my Fit 15 – can you help?

Sorry, no. You should go back to the person who sold you the Fit programme for support. If you bought via an online shop without any support, then I’m afraid that we can only suggest that you return the product and buy from a reliable distributor who offers Fit support as part of the sale package.

Where can I buy Fit 15

Check out our Fit 15 shop.

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