Dave ‘never run again’ Pickles’ remarkable recovery from sports injury with Argi+ and Freedom

Dave Pickles was a man on a mission – and a man with a serious injury.

He had fallen 12m when on a Kilimanjaro climb and had been told that he would never run again. But he proved the experts wrong.

How did he do it? Find out…

Dave Pickles - never run again bmp

To everyone’s great surprise, Dave not only made a full recovery, but he went onto compete in 30 races in 2014 and to win a 10k run race.

Not only was Dave back running, but he was winning too.

So what did Dave put it down to?

When I heard Dave tell his sports injury story the first time, it did seem to be too good to be true – so what really happened?

The first thing to realise is that Dave is a highly driven goal setter. So, when he was given the news – ‘you’ll never run again’ – he just set an impossible goal – that he would run again and that he would run fast.

Not only that, but Dave is a sports expert and so he already knew a great deal about nutrition and sports science and hence he was able to put this to work for him.

Dave looked carefully at his diet and what he need to rebuild his body and took our Forever Freedom to help with joints, cartiledge and absorption of good food, whilst adding Argi+ to help deliver the super nutrients to the body whilst helping to oxygenate muscles and build fitness.

But that’s not all. It took a structured regime and exercise and ‘pushing his body’ to the limit to get the outcome that he had set. That plus the right professional help and guidance too, of course.

Dave’s example shows that diet, exercise and nutrition are key to achieving any recovery from sports injuries – but most important, with the desire to succeed, you can succeed from almost impossible odds.

I guess that our body’s ability to regenerate and recover is more exceptional than we normally think!

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