Clean 9 & Fit 15 / FIT 1 / FIT 2 – save 15% and Free delivery*

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Get fit, get healthy, get it done in 9 day, 15 days or 30 days – with a discount and Free Delivery!

Call us now for 15% seasonal discount on your 9 Day Cleanse Programme plus free delivery*.

Or contact us for more information on how to take advantage of this offer.

Your 15% discount will also apply to any other subsequent orders you buy, which, in effect, reduce the net cost of the Clean 9 to around £5 per day and the cost of the FIT 1 and FIT 2 programme to a net cost of just £1 per day and the Fit 15 to around £3 per day.

If you have already completed the Clean 9 and want to continue with Fit 15 or FIT 1 and / or FIT 2 – then we can help set this up for you too – just contact us and let us know which country you are living in and we can send you the form to get your discount.

Please note, we used to call this programme a ‘detox’ but we’ve been asked to describe it as a Cleanse instead – but the results are the same – typically people lose a trouser size or dress size.

Also, we’ve helped clients use the cleanse to kick start and support their immune system or help them get back to optimum health and nutrition by re-programming their mind and body to eat better.

All this is available now and with free delivery. Call today.

* Free delivery applies to your first order only in the UK only, subsequent deliveries are charged at normal rate.