Detox Day Chester

“If trends continue, 40% of UK adults will be obese by 2030 up from current levels of 26%.”

“89% of people achieve successful weight loss with a combination of diet and exercise, 10% achieve this with diet alone and 1% with exercise alone.

Have you ever wondered what a detox is and how it can help you get fit, lose weight and live longer?

Well, if you live in Chester, UK, then My Detox Day provides you with the opportunity to do something about this; to get fit, manage your weight successfully and raise money for a great cause. You will learn about the benefits of living without regular stimulants and get a chance to change their diet for the better.

Fitness, health professionals and gyms will also be able to promote the benefits of regular attendance and of a long term commitment to healthy eating and exercise.

Detox Day is an opportunity to find out – at local Chester Gyms – about how a detox can set you up for sustained fitness and better weight management and an opportunity to contribute to the lives of some very special children by helping them achieve their goals.

The day will launch with lots of fun events plus an opportunity to begin a detox yourself and to raise money for a fantastic local charity too.

A healthy detox is regarded as essential to sustained and managed weight loss and fitness. In essence, by detoxing our bodies we tackle unhealthy cravings whilst feed our bodies with the protein and nutrition that we need.

The result of a quality detox is a greater desire for exercise and healthy eating and significantly reduced desire for sugary snacks which cause out blood sugar levels to yo-yo.

Detox day will be a great opportunity to learn about getting our bodies into shape for better weight management, fitness and healthier living.

There will be an opportunity to take part and raise money for the great charity – Children Today – as well as an opportunity to learn about detoxing from local Chester gyms and personal trainers.

To find out more, please check out Children Today, Marketing Projects or My Detox Day.


Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen

Male, Manchester

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