Detox – get your vitamins and minerals from food

Give yourself a treat today, focus on eating foods which will give you your vitamins and minerals – plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. This will also help you detox.

Let me give you some examples – apricots, melon, citrus fruits, kiwi, mango, red grapes and berries.

For vegetables go for; pepper, broccoli, red cabbage, leafy greens, carrots, spinach, watercress, beets and pumpkin.

Tip – make sure you aren’t taking in pesticides use to grow the food – so eat organic or chemical free foods where you can.

Also, look to choose which ever vegetables or fruits are in season and are grown locally. For instance, did you know that the average piece of fruit on a supermarket shelf has travelled over 1,000 miles?

Yes, exactly!

That’s why local food, which was picked a few days ago, will contain a much richer source of vitamins and minerals. It should also taste a lot better too.

In fact, here’s something to do right now, go to the fridge, take out and peel and raw carrot and eat it whilst exploring the rest of this site.

If you need help, you can hook up with one of our personal trainers who can help you gain the desire and structure to achieve this change in eating habits. Or alternatively, you can signup for our online 7 day detox course.