Dextox 101: How are your blood sugar levels?

A key indicator that you are struggling with your diet is when you blood sugar levels drop and you seek a boost to raise the blood sugar up again.

Do any of these apply to you?

Do you find it hard to get going in the morning without a tea, coffee or cigarette?

Do you crave something sweet after meals?

Does enerrgy dip mid day or mid afternoon?

Do you ever feel too tired to exercise?

Do your moods go up and down?

Or lastly, are you gaining weight despite same food and same level of exercise?

If any of these apply to you, then your blood sugar levels are probably bouncing up and down – up when you eat a biscuit or drink a coffee and then down shortly afterwards etc…

The first step to getting your blood sugar levels back under control is to detox. That is, get rid of some of, if not all,  the toxins in your body so that you start to break the cycle of cravings.

Once this has started to happen you’ll find it both easier to eat better and to increase your daily amount of exercise.

The key here is to identify the stimulants that you are using – sugary snacks, tea, coffee, cigarettes or alcohol and then to remove each one of these step by step.

Clearly, if you are drinking 20 coffees and teas a day, plus 20 cigarettes, too many sweets and topping the day off with a visit to the pub, then it is going to take some time.

One way to do this is to replace each item – so eat nuts instead of biscuits or drink peppermint tea instead of English tea etc – one by one.

If you were to stop all stimulants at once then you would expect to got through a day or two of shakiness and or severe headaches. This is why a gradual approach is more likely to succeed. You could also take our free 7 day detox email course just to help keep you on track.