Dry Swimming – a simple exercise plan for everyone

Dry swimming is a simple and quick way to exercise the upper body.

Standing upright, start with forward crawl strokes.

Then, follow with breast stoke strokes.

Then, back crawl strokes.

Beginners should start with 10 strokes of each type – so that’s 30 in total.

Aim to build up to 15 strokes each in the first week and then 20 stokes.

For more advance or fit people, ideally you will do 100 strokes each way or a total of 10 minutes each way if you want to be “prime”

Remember always to look upwards! In that way the benefits are many more… for instance, that will facilitate the blood circulation to your brain and also will help your neck

Make sure that your arm movement is smooth to avoid any strains or injuries.

This is an excellent ‘wake up and go’ exercise for the morning. It will increase your heart rate, exercise the upper body and open up your lungs.

Simply, can be done anywhere and by anyone.


Daniel Talavera

Daniel Talavera

Male, East London

I can help you to be fit and healthy following my experience and knowledge. At 41 years of age, I have played many sports including rugby, basketball, swimming and now skipping and running. I have always been exceptical about costly professional advice. It is all about you understanding yourself and understanding how your body works. The foundation of being happy with yourself and your performance in life relies on a balanced healthy diet, on the right habits, on a reasonable amount of exercise according to your own goals plus the right natural products to remain competitive nowadays. I can help you create and set a healthy diet to help you get fit, lose weight and enjoy a balance. I recommend my friends and followers to take Argi+ which can be found in the link.

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