FIT 1 – what to do after Clean 9

FIT 1 - Forever Living - Review

FIT 1 from Forever Living

You have had great results with Forever’s Clean 9 – well done!

And now you are asking, what do I do next? Here I’ll answer some of the most common questions.

Does Forever Fit work?

Does Forever Fit 1 / Fit 2 work is the most important question.

Okay, in our experience of hundreds of people on the Forever Fit programme, we typically see many people lose around 4kg (or 8lbs) on Clean 9, by extending the programme for a further 30 days (FIT 1) or 60 days (FIT 1 and FIT 2) they can lose a further 9kg (18lbs) or 18kg (36lbs).

Obviously, this assumes that you have this much weight to lose in the first place. It also assumes that you want to see weight loss. In fact, a lot of times, we have relatively fit people looking to tone up and lose fat but gain or re-gain muscle. As muscle weighs more than fat, this can result in a steady weight loss but losing upto three belt sizes.

FIT 1 Reviews

Claire’s goal was to lose weight and improve overall health, fitness and wellbeing. Claire wanted to not only transform her own health and fitness, but to also create a healthier lifestyle for her family.Claire lost a stone and a half (21lbs or 9.5kg)

Rustin was a college sports player who at the age of 31 realised he needed to do something about his weight. He lost 23kg (50lbs or 3.5 stone)

Ron’s goal was to trim back excess fat, firming and toning the body. Working in a busy office, he had developed bad eating habits, grabbing unhealthy foods for convenience. Sat at a desk all day, he decided it was time to become more active and lost 5 inches off his waist.

Natalie wanted to transform her eating habits, confidence, her body and so much more. Too over weight to exercise and ride her horse, she has changed her outlook entirely. Natalie achieved a dramatic change – 9kg off, 4 inches off her waist and down two dress sizes. But the best? Her confidence is back.


Can I just carry on with the shakes and nutrition from the Clean 9?

Yes, although you will run out quickly – if you haven’t already

Can I buy individual items?

Yes you can. Here is a link to each of the individual items

Which Items should I continue with?

The FIT 1 pack also contains ProX protein bars – which are a delicious alternative to snacks!

If you want best results, you will want to take all the items in the FIT 1 box – and remember, buying the FIT 1 pack will save you £21 on the retail price.

FIT 1 is too expensive for me – is there a cheaper alternative?

Yes. I think a lot of people misunderstand the real price of FIT 1 and hence are missing out on a great way to lock in weight loss and fitness gain.

Firstly, let me ask you to review what happened whilst on Clean 9.  Did you

– cut down on coffee and teas and trips to Costa or Starbucks?

– cut down on alcohol?

– cut down on pizzas and take away food replacing it with simple healthy alternatives (which cost less)

– did you have more energy, so didn’t always feel like reaching for the phone to order a take away?

– did you replace some previous meals – especially lunch time meal deals and sandwiches while at work?

– did you spend less on your weekly / daily shop because you weren’t buying chocolate, biscuits and snacks?

– did you spend less on your weekly / daily shop because you were buying less food as you were eating less calories?

Okay, now estimate how much you have saved in the past 9 days? For instance, saving a round in a pub might save you £15 to £20. Or, saving a take away meal might save you £6 to £10? Your weekly food shop is probably £10 to £20 less and if you eat lunch at work you probably saved £30 to £40 pounds and the trips to the coffee shop might save you another £5 to £10.

Would it be fair to say you saved between £40 and £60 whilst on Clean 9?

Okay, now remember, with FIT 1 you will continue to make these savings – but instead of saving £50 every 9 days, you could save £150 every 30 days.

Okay, so how does FIT 1 really cost?

If you look at how much you saved on your food and spending costs on Clean 9, you can quickly see that FIT 1 is going to help you save money too.

I work on the basis that the ‘real’ cost of FIT 1 is just £1 per day.

Here is how I calculate this for my clients

Retail price: £212.39

15% discounted price: £181.02 – saving £31.37

Food and spending savings: £150

Net cost: £31.02

Number of days: 30

Net cost per day = £1 and 3 pence.

Is your long term fitness and health worth £1 per day?

How can I buy FIT cheaper with a 15% discount?

The way I work with my FIT clients is register them with Forever Living directly. There is no obligation in this but simply it allows you to order with a 15% discount.

Just contact me and I can send you the forms – you can pay by debit / credit card as normal and there is no delivery charge on your first UK order and no long term obligation, however, you do keep your 15% discount for life – should you every want to order again.

I’m still not sure FIT 1 is going to work for me!

No problem, purchase the FIT 1 pack at the full retail price and enjoy our 60 day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work out and you don’t save money / lose weight / get fit etc… then you can send *empty* containers back and get a full refund within 60 days.

Here’s the FIT 1 link…

What can I expect from FIT 1

FIT 1 is the best and most effective way to continue after Clean 9. If you stop after Clean 9, then the vast majority of people go back to bad old habits and end up in the same place as before.

Remember, it takes 30 days to establish a habit – and that is why FIT 1 is a 30 day programme – it is retraining your body and mind to want to eat good and healthy food, to take moderate exercise and live a healthy lifestyle

How to get started on FIT 1

On Fit 1 – Fit 2, we start to build a bit more exercise into your programme whilst eating better and building resistance to the bad foods. Check out our article on how to get started with FIT 1 for a more detail review of the programme.

Is there a link to the FIT 1 booklet

Yes, here it is – Fit 1 Booklet – full of Fitness tips and advice.

How do I buy FIT 1?

FIT 1 is available in most countries across the world – however, the prices and rules for buying vary across regions. Please see our page on buying Clean 9 and FIT 1 for buying links for your country.

What is Fit 15?

Fit 15 is a new plan which splits Fit 1 (30 days programme) in two parts. It is only available in certain countries – so you can do Fit 15 in UK or Fit 15 Espana or Fit 15 in USA – but not all countries offer this plan.

The benefits of Fit 15 are that firstly, it is only 15 days long and costs half the price (of course!) of the 30 day plan. It also contains more Garcinia, as we have found that raising the intake of Garcinia helps to keep the cravings away as we raise the exercise levels. That way, we workout / exercise more but don’t end up stuffing ourselves with the wrong kind of food.

I still provide my Fit 15 clients and Fit 1 clients with tailored plans – as I feel that they are needed to help people adapt the programme to their lifestyle. However, the Fit 15 option allows you to choose beginner, intermediate or advanced. Drop me a line if you want help decided which is best for you – or whether you are weighing up Fit 1 vs Fit 15.

I still like the Fit 1 programme, so if Fit 15 isn’t available in your country yet, don’t worry! Just do it!