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Find a new rouIMAG2568te!

Today, I took a little diversion off my normal route running along the Chester canal. I guess I just thought, been there, done that, what’s new?IMAG2567

The sun was shinning and whilst it felt cold, it felt like a good idea to explore something new.

I’m really glad I did.

I have run parts of the route before – but this time, I took a chance and stopped and asked a cyclist and then two dog walkers if I could find a way back home – and they all just kept pointing me in the right direction.

Okay, its a bit scary because part of me was thinking – oh gosh, how far am I going? Or what if I get lost and have to walk back.

So, I kept my pace moderate – ignored my split times from my mobile phone app and just kept on going and in the end, I got back home.

I also found a new 12k loop – with less than 1km running alongside a road.

I also found a new part of town which I’d never really been to before – and I spotted a big sports shop and gym there too – so I might just go back (yes, in my car this time) and pay them a visit.


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Neil Lewis

Neil Lewis

Male, Chester

I'm an entrepreneur, runner (as of 5 years), dad, husband and entrepreneur. This year I've completed three 10k runs - Port Sunlight,  Manchester Great Run and the Natterjacks Southport run. My goal is to complete a 10k at below 50 minutes. I'm late 40's & want to keep healthy and fit for a long time yet... and that's what drives me to run. If you are looking for a running companion - up to 10 KM - in the Chester, area, get in touch. I can help set people up in business or just help people get great health and fitness products that can keep them fit, healthy and running for longer. Get in touch if you want to find out more about what I do and the Forever FIT products I work with. Or you can directly order from our shop.

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