From Clean 9 to Fit 1 – the Successful Way!

Clean 9 to Fit 1

Clean 9 to Fit 1

The success rate and quality of reviews we enjoy with Clean 9 is exceptional – practically everyone can follow (more of less) the Clean 9 programme and get results.

So, to help more people make the step up from Clean 9 to Fit 1 – I’ve written out a few key tips to help you make the transistion

Firstly, here is the link to the Fit 1 booklet so you can have a look through…  start by reading about Fit 1 / Fit 2 to decide whether you think it is for you.

Essentially, you swap one meal for your Forever Lite shake and take 120ml of aloe vera gel once per day and nutrition as shown with each meal.

On the exercise front, the idea is to increase your exercise gently over the month – allowing for some off days! So, aim for exercise 5 days per week (and 2 days off) even if your exercise is a couple of short brisk walks.

When looking at exercise, a really good place to start is the British Heart Foundation calorie checker – have a look as you can see that you can burn 500 calories just cleaning the house or doing the gardening – so there is more than one way to get your exercise done! 🙂 

Compare your current level of exercise in terms of calories burned. Remember to include a brisk walk to work or running for the train as these are excellent sources of exercise too.

The key to Fit 1 is to start at around 300 calories of exercise and slowly increase that to about 500 calories of exercise – 5 times per week. Don’t increase too fast – so go steadily in the first week and you can combine exercises across the day – so a brisk walk to work might be 150 calories – and a brisk walk home another 150 calories making your daily goal of 300.

Another typical question is – how much are you allowed to eat during your two meal times? The answer is 2 meals per day of somewhere between 450 calories and 550 calories plus your 300 calorie shake (for breakfast or dinner – whichever works best for you) totalling between 1200 and 1400 calories per day for women. Men are allowed to eat an extra 200 calories more per day – so, make the meals two 600 to 650 calorie meals.

If you do more exercise and so burn more calories on any particular day, then feel free to have an extra shake in the evening. Likewise, if you miss your exercise goal for a day – try to do ‘at least’ some exercise – even if it is a brisk 10 minute walk – but eat a slightly smaller meal (a great tip is to use a side plate instead of a full dinner plate).

With the Clean 9 that you have done and the nutrition in your Fit 1 pack, managing smaller plate sizes should be fairly easy. 🙂 

Lastly, are you on facebook by any chance? If so, then join your distributors local facebook group so that you can hook up with other people on the Clean 9 and Fit 1 to share experiences and get encouraged.

Most of all – the hard work is done on the Clean 9, with the Fit 1 / Fit 2 programme, all you have to do is keep going – consistently, and you find that the exercise levels will happen quite naturally with just a little gentle pushing and you will gain control over meal sizes and snacks.

Don’t forget to enjoy it too – the more fun you have, the easier it becomes. And check out our other article for more tips on moving from Clean 9 to Fit 1.