Getting Fit – Losing Weight – Running Faster – 7 tips

Back in 2009 I began running. Well jogging really. Actually jogging very slowly.

And yes, I managed about a mile before I’d worked up enough of a sweat and was ready to head for home.

chester-clock-600x225My end point was Chester’s clock having run about half way around Chester’s walls.

So, it began slowly, but now I’ve run three 10k runs in 2014. For my first 10k I simply wanted to beat the hour mark – or 60 minutes. My latest run was at 51minutes and 36 seconds and I’m on track to get below 50 minutes.

Hence, I thought I’d share my tips on getting fit and running faster.

1. Take your time and enjoy it!

IMAG2432It seems strange to say to someone who has never run before, but seriously, take your time and enjoy it.

The best advice I ever heard is that when you are running you should be aware of the birds singing (or the traffic roaring) the people or wildlife around you. If you are aware, then you head is up and you are enjoying the workout.

If your head drops and you begin to grind out the run, then its time to slow down or reduce to a walk.

Simply, if you don’t enjoy running, then you won’t stick to it. So, make it fun.

I’ve even kept this philosophy as I’ve run further and picked up speed. I think it also helps keeps you injury free.

2. Lose some weight.

IMAG2438I kick started my running by completing my first clean 9 detox in 2011. I’d been dropping weight – from a peak weight of 95kg to about 88kg, but with more careful management, increased exercise the the clean 9 I reduced my weight down to 79kg.

The Clean 9 is designed to remove the toxins from your system – and it detoxed my system by 4kg of toxins – and helped my kick my sugar addiction. With less of a sweet tooth and also reducing tea and coffee to a maximum of one cup per day – as well as eating better, fresher food, my weight came under control and I dropped a trouser size.

With less weight, it is both easier to run, as well as giving you the feeling of more energy as you get to the end of a longer 5k, 8k or 10k run.

3. Be flexible.

However, it took time to raise my running distance. To start with, I simply measured time. Could I run 15 minutes? Then 25 minutes? Then 30 and 35 minutes?

So days were better than others. I had to accept that often I’d take a step back before I could go forward.

4. Enter a race.

IMAG2457Once my running was at about 30 minutes, I took a leap of faith and entered a 5k road race. Entering a race made me focus on training and whilst I didn’t do everything I was supposed to, I did enough to get a decent time, under 30 minutes.

5. Push on!

Next step was to push on to 10k. This meant discovering if I could run the distance. I started with a couple of runs around 7.5k or 8k, then took the plunge and just decided to get through it.

6. Accept small weight gain

At this point, my weight began to gain again – I’d get really hungry after a run and the big challenge was to avoid sugar laden carbs – like a beer, bar of chocolate or pack of biscuits and use a high quality protein shake like the Ultra Lite instead.

At this stage, my body was building lean muscle and as muscle weighs more than fat, I tried to take the focus off my weight and concentrate more on my belt notch! If my new lower sized trousers were comfortable, then I was doing the right thing.

7. Focus on nutrition

IMAG2449Lastly, I began figuring out how to get the nutrition into my body before a run. First step, by fresh food (organic if necessary) but then getting the right supplementation. There were three areas to concentrate

i. Aloe Vera Gel to increase my absorption of the good food / nutrition
ii. Argi+ to increase the circulation of nutrients to my muscles – I took this before (2 hours a race) and also 30 minutes before the race to give me an early ‘second wind’
iii. Short term energy via Bee Pollen.

Plus of course, combining this with a really healthy diet.

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