How to Excel at Fitness and Health – achieve your goals together

‘Have you reached your fitness goal yet?’

I have asked this question to a number of my readers and I never get a simple yes or no.

So why is this?

Well, it seems that it’s the HOW you reach your goal which is important.

Many of you relate to this because you might have reached a goal you and your Personal Trainer set, then simply changed your goal halfway through. So the journey you have taken took a detour but ultimately, ended up at the same point in achieving a goal together.

Is it common to change a fitness goal?

Simply put? Yes it is.

In fact, through asking many readers It has appeared that more people change and adapt their goals depending on if they have PERSONAL support or not…how interesting I hear you ask, and I could not agree more!

Personal Trainerss provide this support and can more often than not, push this boundary to greater depths. They can be the Sat Navs of roads, track to a train line and the backboard to a basketball post, however, they need to work with you to make this journey succeed.

The goal is set…now how do I get it?

Personal Trainers quiet simply need to be the motivator, trainer and general life planner when it comes to reaching personal goals. Fitness goals are set by both trainer and client and then guided every step of the way by the coach until arriving at the destination. If left to become manipulated by lifestyles, people will do what people do best, and prioritise in different things…not good when you WANT something important is it…

Message to Personal Trainers – Guide your clients every step of the way, one wrong turn and the “sat nav” needs to reroute quickly.

Message to you – Work alongside your personal trainer, they will help you all the way and make sure you succeed in reaching your goal together…It’s a fantastic feeling when accomplished!