How to Win at Making Clean 9 a Success and Get Fit Goals for 2016

Set your fit and clean 9 goals for 2016

Set and achieve your fit and weight loss goals for 2016. Bring it on!

It’s a great question – not how do you make goals to cut down your weight and get fit in 2016 (that’s easy), but how do you succeed?

We all have that feeling, don’t we? I would make it a goal, but every time in the past I’ve said ‘I’ll get fit, I’ll lose weight, I’ll join the gym’  – it just hasn’t worked out!

And there are lots of really good reasons why it didn’t work out; such as, I’m skint and can’t afford the membership, I feel awful and don’t want to go outside / go to a fitness class, work has just gone crazy, the kids have gone crazy and I can’t start until they are back at school, the dog isn’t feeling well, I forgot about that January car bill and so on and so forth…

Okay, so how do we make sure our fit 2016 goals are achieved? Here is my starter for 10…

1. Get prepared to be fit

Before the new year – make your decision and then buy, order or subscribe to whatever you need! Once you have paid out the money for your Clean 9, Fit 1/ Fit 2, gym membership, new running shoes, FitBit – whatever – they you are MUCH more likely to do something about it!

2. Stuff happens

Get used to it – stuff happens – it happens this month, it happens next month. Your goal has to be big enough to get past the ‘stuff that happens’ – so actually, this leads to point 3…

3. Have a BIG reason / desire

If you have a BIG reason or desire to get fit and lose weight, then you’ll find it easy to brush aside the distractions, the delays, the ‘stuff that happens’ and just get on with what really matters – feeling better and looking better too.

So, why do you want to get fit in 2016? Is it for a holiday, a wedding, because you are tired of being sick and ill? Because you are concerned about your health and you know you MUST do something about it? Well, whatever it is…

4. Write down your weight loss & fit goal reasons

Yes, for 2016, write down your reason for getting fit, losing weight, getting healthier – whatever it is that matters to you, write it down. And then…

5. Write down what happens if you MISS your fitness goal!

That’s right – write down what would happen. So, if you don’t lose weight, get fit etc… what are the consequences and how would you feel? Perhaps you won’t fit into that suit or special dress? Perhaps you won’t be able to take part in that special running, hiking, climbing event? Perhaps you won’t be able to wear your swim suit with comfort? Perhaps you just won’t feel good or feel you have the energy to do what you want…

Each of us is different – you need to work out what matters to you!

6. Then make a picture / photo  / image

A picture speaks a thousand words! So, take a photo of a younger / fitter you – or how you want to look  / or you on top of a mountain – again, whatever works for you – then paste your face onto the picture. Now you have a visual image of your goal. And, you are probably 90% more likely to achieve it.

7. Tell everyone

So, let people know – and ask them to keep you to your commitment

8. Decide what you will cancel

Now make time / space in your diary for your new fitness campaign. Your days and weeks are already full – so you have to let something go. What will it be? TV time? Shopping time? Sleep time? Playing computer games time? Drifting on Facebook time? Be clear about how many hours you are freeing up.

9. Get ahead

Now you have your goal, you have told everyone and made space in your diary – you might as well start, right? Yes, begin now – it is so much more fun to be ahead of your goal. And that leads to our 10th tip…

10. Have fun!

Yes, enjoy it! You are so much more likely to continue and persist if you enjoy yourself – perhaps walking / running / getting fit with other people, or just make sure you keep a great attitude – and if (okay, when) your attitude slips a bit, get the image (see no. 6) out again and take a good look and then recommit.

Nothing worth doing is easy – but it is always worth while.

Enjoy and good luck with achieving all your weight and fitness goals for 2016