Keep Fit and Weight Managed on holiday

Benicassim 10k

Benicassim 10k – in the summer – in 24C heat, Must Be MAD!?!

The bag is packed, the flight is booked and you are ready! Ready for a holiday!


So, what about keeping fit? And, keeping to a good weight? What’s the plan?

Let’s be honest, if we are about to take off to a sunny French resort or a super luxury Spanish holiday villa … then we’re in trouble!

And it is not just because of the food – wonderful though it is…

Nor is it just because of the amazing wine and plentiful beer, all at incredible prices.

Actually, it’s the heat! Yes, the heat!

Here’s why…

The heat is going make you feel incredibly tired. Not just because it is hot; heh, in Spain or France, everyone, even the locals,  feel tired after a long hot summer. Our bodies just need time to adjust.

And, adjusting to a new temperature (let alone new food) is going to be very tiring.

Of course, you are going to have  drink or two as well, eh? Or allow yourself that extra special meal – or just load your plate at breakfast!

Here’s the thing. When it is hot, you don’t need to eat very much! But, you will be used to a diet from your home country – so when you head off on holiday, you should cut down on the amount of food you eat – just to maintain your weight. Try to drink much more water than usual – that will help you feel full and curb the urge to eat.

Now, if fitness is your thing – let’s take running as an example, as that is my thing – then for me, running when the air is above 21C is tough. In fact, my favourite running temperature – based on where I live in Chester, NW England, is about 12C.

So, if I’m reaching for my shorts and short sleeved shirts at 12C, what am I supposed to wear at 21C?

Except that, during July and August, you would be lucky to find a time of day – or night – when the temperature drops to just 21C.

In fact, one of the tough things about summer holidays in Spain or south France or a similar location, is that the night time temperature doesn’t fall very much.

I have found myself getting out of bed at 6.30am Spanish time (that’s 5.30am UK time) just to be able to run in the coolest temperature of the day at 7am – only, it is normally about 23C or 24C.

Okay, so enough of all this – what are *you* supposed to do when heading off for your bit of luxury and your special summer holiday? Here are my suggestions


  1. Give in! Don’t fight it, don’t battle against something that is against you – just go with it – have a great time and set a plan to start your Clean 9 or your Fit1 – Fit 2 when you get back – but give yourself a week or so before you get going.
  2. Take up swimming. Okay, one form of exercise you can do in the heat is swim. And that’s probably the best way for keeping trim. Try to do lengths as well as mess about in the pool. If you rent a luxury holiday home, make sure it has a pool – the water will often be quite cool early in the morning and that is the best time to get some distance in.
  3. Okay, you want to keep running. Well, either, get up very early or go out after / during sunset. Run slowly, drink lots of water AND wear a hat. Yes, the hat is essential, you don’t want heat stroke.
  4. If you are going to exercise whilst abroad, then I recommend you use the Argi+ to aid recovery and the Vanilla Shake – but mix it with water instead of milk or almond / soya milk – as it is a lighter drink this way.
  5. Enjoy some of the super foods you’ll have available. Particularly watermelon which is a beautiful red fruit and full of liquid to keep you hydrated, but also, helps our bodies to produce Arginine.
  6. And use suncream. But try to keep it out of the eyes or off the forehead where your sweat might mix with the suncream and then drip into your eyes, not nice!

Dropping the amount of exercise you do is sometimes a good idea – it might give your body time to recover. Equally, dropping exercise altogether will give you a bloated / lazy feeling when you get back home and it might take a while to recover your energy.

So, try to be moderate. Don’t run the full distances. Go for 1 or 2 km quick jogs – give the 10 or 20k distances a miss. Just keep the legs ticking over.

And, remember, you can cut down on the food too.

But lastly, enjoy that holiday, find a great hotel, resort or really nice place to rent. You deserve it.