Kelly’s Fresh Start with Clean 9

fitnw kelly - before and afterKelly first discovered the Clean 9 when an old school friend had been raving about its results.

She was at a real low point with her body image after having a baby, her self-esteem had hit rock bottom and something needed to change.

“I’d put on a lot of weight and I had post-natal depression, so I wasn’t feeling great about myself. I thought if I could kick-start my weight loss then it might make me feel better about myself in general, so I decide to try the Clean 9”, she says

A Healthy Approach

As the name suggests, the Clean 9 lasts just nine days and combines naturally inspired food supplements and nutritionally-balanced meal replacement shakes, with a pure stabilised Aloe Vera drinking gel.

The first two days of the programme comprise a nutritional cleanse; drinking plenty of water and taking four 120ml portions of gel each day. This initial 48 hours is the longest part of the programme for most, but well worth the effort as it allows you to see results fast, says Kelly: The first day was fine, because it was a novelty, something new and exciting that I’d never tried before. The second day however, was a bit harder because the shakes filled me up, but I was craving solid food a little bit – I just really wanted to crunch something!

And drinking all of that water was a bit of a shock to me because I don’t usually remember to stay so well hydrated.”

But by the third day, Kelly was already beginning to feel a difference. “I felt incredible, I’d already lost weight which I was ecstatic about, and I work up feeling as though I’d slept properly, I felt refreshed for the first time in six months. I had energy, I was feeling better in myself and I was able to do more activities with my son.”

Help and Support

Kelly believes that what made the Clean 9 programme so effective for her was that she had the help and support from the Forever Distributor who sold her the product. “He would check in on me regularly to see how I was feeling and asked what results I had seen on day three. I knew if I had any questions or problems I could go to him for help. It really kept me going. Also, the Clean 9 offered a nutritionally-balanced approach, with the addition of Aloe Vera drinking gel and the dietary supplements. And the cleansing aspect appealed to me too; it seemed a much healthier way of losing weight and didn’t involve starving myself or joining a weight loss club”.

Kelly got back to her pre-baby weight and now maintains a healthy balanced diet, incorporating the Aloe Berry Nectar – a cranberry and apple flavoured version of the Aloe Vera drinking gel – and the Forever Garcinia Plus weight management supplement.

Losing the weight has also inspired her to get more active; “I’ve recently started running and have signed up to a 5K run, so Forever’s Argi+ drink has been a great addition to maintain energy stores whilst training.”

Her advice to anyone else thinking of taking the plunge is, “Just go for it. It’s nine days of your life, you’ve got nothing to lose. You gain so much from it, it’s not just about losing weight, it’s about feeling better in yourself and cleansing your system for a fresh start.”