Lean Muscle or Weight Loss?

new monitorI’ve been pondering – which is better, to gain more lean muscle or to lose more weight?

What do you think?

Well, my first thought is – how the heck am I going to tell the difference?

Ah, so now you know why I have bought this new swanky looking body composition monitor.

As we know, lean muscle weighs more than fat, so whilst we all want to slim down and look good, my lean muscle goal means that my weight may increase.

As I’ve already dropped from just under 95 kgs a few years ago to a stable weight of around 79kg, I’m okay about adding a few extra kgs.

However, I do expect to continue to slim down – measured daily by my belt notches – and over the weeks by whether I need to buy new super-slim shirts.

Super slim shirts are a favourite topic of mine – I’m sure a few years ago they were just described as ‘cut’ or perhaps ‘slim fit’ but now, it seems the typical person is rounder than ever and there has been a kind of size inflation.

Still, super-slim suits me. And armed with my body composition monitor, I can switch attention away from weight to lean muscle.

After all, the best way to reach my running goal (a 10k run in less than 50 minutes) is going to be by building lean muscle. With luck, whilst stretching for faster times, if I’m building lean muscle too, then this should reduce the risk of injury as well.