Looking to get FIT and need a goal? 9 Reasons to Aim for a Park Run

IMAG1088Looking to get FIT and need a goal? Aim for a park run! It worked for me!

1.) They are free.

It is absolutely free to enter you local park run. Just hop onto the Park Run website, register to get yourself for a bar code page – print it out – and take the bar code with you when you run. Simple as that.

2.)  They are local

Park runs are cropping up all over the country. That means that no matter where you live, you’ll almost certainly be able to find a park run within 30 minutes drive – and in some cases, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

3.)  You can ‘view’ before you go

If you are not sure you are ready for your local park run, then you can always go along on a Saturday morning and watch or perhaps walk the dog along the course when everyone has finished.

4.)  In fact, why not volunteer

Or even better, volunteer to help your local park run – it is pretty simple – you’ll probably be directing runners around an oak tree or at a sharp turn or just helping put up or collect the signs.

5.)  You get to know other runners

One of the best ways to get running – and keep running – is to make friends. Park runs are for people of all ages and abilities, so you’ll quickly find a group to run with and that gives you’ll find that you quickly team up for evening or practice runs.

6.)   All ages run and many people take their dog (I did until mine got a bit too old)

Yes, you can even take your dog – on most park runs – on a short lead.

7.)  It’s all over by 9.30am on a Saturday morning

Park runs don’t take all day. In fact, I find I can get back home to join the rest of the family having breakfast after my morning park run! Most runs kick off at 9am sharp – and most people will be finished within 30 minutes – the fastest arriving at the finish line just after 9.15am!

8.)  It’s timed

Every runner – so long as you print out and take along your paper bar code – will be given a time. How cool is that?

You’ll be able to see exactly how long you took – and where you came in the list of runners – who was head – and who behind.

You’ll be ranked over all but also according to your age group and sex. Lastly, you’ll receive a % score – which is the degree to which you are able to match the fastest pace at that distance for your age group. This allows you to compare your performance – on a sort of handicap basis – with anyone!

9.) Tell me more…

Find out more about Park runs here. Or check out a few of our favourite runs in the North West

There is no park run in Chester, so the nearest for me are Ellesmere Port and Delamere Forest 

And, other big runs in the North West include

Princes Park, Liverpool

South Manchester


Lyme Park