Make me an Athlete, Anytime and Anywhere!

The “bring it on attitude” towards achieving our sporting greatness is dependent on many factors nonetheless, there is a common ground to understanding what makes an athlete and how YOU can be one.

Firstly, what is an Athlete and why do you want to be labelled as one?

Now, I can somewhat define an athlete as someone who is skilled at their sport or physical activity they perform/compete in, but I cannot even come to guess why you want the classification of being called an athlete.

Vanity could be an issue but really, the answer isn’t important.

I want to look at ways that you can become confident within yourself so you can say at any stage of your life that ‘I am an athlete’. It shows both self-confidence, self-awareness and also gives us a label which tells people that you are serious at what you do…very important wouldn’t you say?!

So how do we get this?

Well firstly you could lie to an extent. 🙂

By simply reflecting on the sports/exercises you do regularly, you can basically call yourself an athlete.

Psychologists constantly test people’s behavioural patterns depending on how they “carry themselves” and later prove to be the more efficient, confident achievers in life. Simply pretending to be something that’s regarded as being great in society puts you one step ahead towards actually being that person, what a clever human you are!

Whatever the sport and passion you adhere to the definition and recognition you receive from labelling yourself an “Athlete” makes you automatically very motivated and confident to continue.

So whoever you are and whatever you do for a living, remember that you already ARE an athlete or can be one anytime you want. By realising this now, you have applied the status classification that is followed by world famous sportsman all around the world…the only difference is they get more attention and get paid for it…suppose the labelling is a start.

Matthew helps individuals in making all Fitness, Health and Lifestyle goals easily achievable through tailored solutions.


Matthew Doggart

Matthew Doggart

Male, Nottingham

Making all Fitness, Health and Lifestyle goals easily achievable through tailored solutions.

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