Putting the ‘personal’ back into Personal Trainers

If I was to ask you, ‘what do you do for a living?’ the answer most likely would be your job title ie. “Accountant, Teacher, Business Owner, Lawyer or Personal Trainer”.

But what is ‘personal’ about a fitness trainer?

Titles usually indicate what a person does for a living, however, this is not always the case for Personal Trainers.

Most definitions will describe a Personal Trainer as someone who prescribes fitness routines for individuals wanting to reach fitness goals.

The problem lies within the first word of the title, “personal”.

Some trainers use  only a single templated approach and apply the same programme to all their clients, despite their differing needs and still fall under the job title as a ‘Personal’ Trainer… so, perhaps in this case, just ‘trainer’ would be a better description?

But Personal Trainers have an option to become more personal, simply because that’s what we want when we approach them to help us get fit, run a 10k run or lose weight and it will help them build a better bases of regular clients.

So what should a ‘personal’ trainer do?

In my experience, trainers meet and work with their clients a reality a couple of times a week. This isn’t enough.

In fact, what clients want is regular day to day communication and support. So, if you know your client has 4 runs planned per week – do you follow up after each run to see how it went?

You see, it’s actually very simple. The best personal trainers address their clients needs in a professional manner as standard, BUT then take it one step further and provide regular support in other areas too. After all, you can’t separate fitness goals from other lifestyle and business goals because they have the potential to conflict and we need help clients to unpack those goals and take action on those goals in an effective manner – as they relate to all the other goals and demands on their time.

People buy in to people.

So be true to your Personal Training title and be PERSONAL. Get to know your clients and support them in their goals, keep in contact with them and encourage them through the week.

The rewards will be astonishing for either you the personal trainer and you, the client.

Matthew Doggart

Matthew Doggart

Male, Nottingham

Making all Fitness, Health and Lifestyle goals easily achievable through tailored solutions.

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