STOP! Reading this article could be bad for your health…

Okay, reading just this article is no problem, but if you stay connected to your computer or tablet for too long, then your level of inactivity could be bad for your health or even fatal.

Research by Dr I-Min Lee and her colleagues and published in the Lancet in July quantified the risk of inactivity.

Dr Lee’s team calculate that 5.3m deaths (out of the 57 million deaths that occurred worldwide in 2008) were a result of inactivity.

In many cases, these deaths were ‘premature’ deaths – so that means dying before our time.

However, even for those of us of an age where we are a good distance from the risk of premature death, the increased risk of illness and disease is also significantly increased simply as a result of doing nothing – or at least – just reading stuff on the internet!

So, here are the increased risks that Dr Lee estimates are caused by physical inactivity

  • 6% increase in risk of coronary heart disease
  • 8% increase in risk of type 2 diabetes
  • 11% increase in risk of breast cancer
  • 11% increase in risk of colon caner
Of course, you might be unlucky and get all four!

So, physical inactivity is bad – it not only means an increased risk of premature death, but it also significantly increases the risk of serious life reducing diseases.

Okay, so if you don’t want to fall into the statistics of inactivity then stop reading this and go and do something…

…like, take a walk, go buy some milk, go for a run or visit the gym.

Also, don’t forget, establishing regular sports or fitness activities are key to making it a habit.

You can achieve this either by yourself – or, if you know you need a bit of help to keep to your goals, then join a gym in Chester, Manchester or Liverpool, or find a personal trainer. You can ask your fitness trainer to help devise a fitness schedule that works for you and your goals and then, to help you stick to it.

Before long, you won’t need to read these sorts of articles any more either.