Setting outrageous fitness goals

We all know how goals motivate and encourage us to achieve more – but how about running across Spain?

That’s what this guy – Jo – did. He ran the Camino de Santiago – from the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Coast.

He ran from St Jean Pied de Port, on the French side of the Pyrenees to Fisterra/Finisterra, on the Atlantic coast of the Spanish province of Galicia (so, some 90+km/60 miles beyond Santiago de Compostela) – a distance of about 900km or 560mi and average a half-marathon every day.

It is quite an amazing feat to walk the Camino de Santiago – but to run it if phenomenal – check out Jo’s blog cover his achievement.

What I like best about Jo’s story is the fact that he set a goal to run the Camino in 1997 and it took him until 2011 to achieve it.

I think that goes down as a great long term goal! What’s your goal?