• Susanne Lewis-Vahl

    Susanne Lewis-Vahl

    I care about health and fitness

    Yes, I do keep fit – by mainly walking the dog and doing the shopping.

    However, I do make sure that I eat really well and so does my family too.

    I’ve discovered that you can lose some weight by exercising hard, but that you lose a lot more by changing (and improving) what you eat.

    That’s why I love cleanse programmes and nutritional (not yo-yo) diets….

    … because they feed the body what it needs and help to break the bad eating habits of a lifetime – too much sugar, alcohol or simply refined and processed food.

    If you are interested in how I can help you, please get in contact with me and I’ll send you some useful information on what I do and we can chat about how I can help.

    I work across the NW of England, where I mentor people looking to get fit and stay healthy as well as people looking to build an extra income working from home and promoting a better way of life in with Forever Living in Chester, Warrington and Manchester.

  • Steph O'Hara Boyce

    Steph O'Hara Boyce

    Me, a fitness blogger? Well, amazing things do happen.

    I’m what you call an occaisonal runner and gym goer.

    Yes, I do go – but I’m easily persuaded too to do a bit of shoping, put my feet up, go out with friends and so on.

    But I do still get out there and go running or make it to the gym.

    So, yes, I can help if you are a bit of a reluctant runner or just looking to get back into the gym or simply looking to lose some weight and start exercising – gentle exercising – again.

    I’m a huge fan of the Clean 9 too. I’ve seen lots of people use it to start getting back into shape – looking better and feeling better as well.