• Andy Thelwell

    I was fat @ 118kg (18.6 stone) borderline type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea, snore loud enough to waken myself, stomach ulcers, acid re-flux and high blood pressure, I was on constant medication and felt rubbish!

    I was embarrassed to be naked in front of my wife which had an obvious effect!

    Before any of you say or make excuses read more: 3 years ago I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage (look it up) and many years ago I smashed the crap out of myself in a car crash leaving me with permanent problems, I have steel rods in both me femurs, steel plates down the outside of my right arm radius and ulna, they are there because the radius never actually healed properly and is still a tad flexi.

    In addition to that, my tibia and fibula are fused in 2 places leaving me with little lateral control of my right foot; I also have 2 large areas of Osteomyelitis in the tibia which only get worse so there is really no excuse why you think you can’t get fit!

    I decided to change my life!

    I have since lost more than 31.75kg (5 stones) my rested heart rate is 46 bpm and my blood pressure is 126/60. I don’t have stomach ulcers, acid reflux and no longer take any medication for anything.

    I sleep like a baby and awaken ready for action, I feel great and to be fare I look slim and quite fit.

    I want all of you who feel out of shape or overweight to wake up before it is too late! If you don’t take action now and reduce the chances of many fatal diseases associated by being overweight you will regret it!

    I have the route to your fitness and wellbeing.