The Secret to Easy Weight Loss

When discussing weight loss we start to feel uncomfortable about our own bodies.

That’s because the reason we look to lose weight is because of issues surrounding self-confidence unless, of course, it is a sport based goal.

In fact weight loss itself is relatively straight forward and is often over complicated partly as a result of our hectic lifestyles.

We consider the right foods, and think about performing the correct exercises but find it difficult to really make progress. So how can we make our weight loss plan beneficial and adaptable to our working and social lives?


The answer is actually a little something called… happiness.

If we are happy emotionally and keep ourselves active and not constantly bored, we will eat far less calories and generally lose weight. Keeping active all comes down to planning a schedule including physical activities and when/what you eat. If you are performing exercises or taking part in sports you enjoy, then trust me, eating well will come naturally.

Children are great role models in regards to staying naturally healthy and here is how they excel in something we find so taxing.

Children are unaware of most foods we deem “bad” and don’t rely on them. They exercise without knowing it through enjoyment of games and sports and lastly, have a fantastic attitude.

Through working a lot with children my old Camp Director brought a positive and influential saying to the summer camp environment which is, ‘MY attitude is MY choice, MY attitude is contagious!’.

This should be our adult motto for our weight loss targets. Be positive and do things you want to do, surround yourself emotionally and socially with people that care for you and above all, enjoy eating well, being active and staying healthy.

What we eat is only a small portion of the bigger “plate” called life, and should avoid thinking it is the be all and end all of being healthy, and instead to focus on a developing lifestyle.

Make it easy, make it fun and the results will follow and end with a heart-warming smile.

Matthew develops fitness and weight loss plans for his clients that work.