Time for the Fat Men of Europe to think again about health?

The UK is now – officially – the fat man of Europe with 7.5% of the UK population overweight or obese (Germany is next with 6.9%).

In the 1970s the UK was known as the ‘sick man of Europe’ for the state of our economy, but now, we are officially the fattest adult nation in Europe – beaten, of course, by the USA and, oddly, Egypt.

Why is this?

Simple – we don’t move much.

The Telegraph article quoted Professor Roberts who conducted the research, saying “people did not necessarily eat more than 50 years ago, but moved less because of the use of machines.”

So, the solution would seem to be more movement? Or better fitness? Or perhaps some kind of fitness?

Or perhaps we need to eat less?

Or both?

The trouble, as Prof Roberts says, is that we are biologically programmed to eat but not to move.

Hence, we need to tackle both our desire to eat as well as moving more – or perhaps a little light exercise, or even a run or some weights.

Either way, we are collectively heading to more and more people being overweight and we are leaving ourselves prone to developing the illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, asthma and so forth.

The collective outcome of too much fat is that our health bills will soar just as our governments run out of money.

This means that for us, as individuals, we have twice the incentive to get fit, lose weight so that we not only live longer but live better too.

The likelihood of national health budgets being stretched ever thinner means that we need to take greater responsibility for keeping fit and healthy Рand that means dropping a jeans size and going to the gym or signing up with our personal trainer.