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Susan Sweeney

Susan Sweeney


My goal is to run a half marathon this year.

I’ve always been health concious but recently I’ve become an advocate for a fantastic fitness and health range that help me, my family and friends achieve more and look better plus feel better.

Andy Thelwell

Andy Thelwell


I was fat @ 118kg (18.6 stone) borderline type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea, snore loud enough to waken myself, stomach ulcers, acid re-flux and high blood pressure, I was on constant medication and felt rubbish!

I was embarrassed to be naked in front of my wife which had an obvious effect!

Before any of you say or make excuses read more: 3 years ago I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage (look it up) and many years ago I smashed the crap out of myself in a car crash leaving me with permanent problems, I have steel rods in both me femurs, steel plates down the outside of my right arm radius and ulna, they are there because the radius never actually healed properly and is still a tad flexi.

In addition to that, my tibia and fibula are fused in 2 places leaving me with little lateral control of my right foot; I also have 2 large areas of Osteomyelitis in the tibia which only get worse so there is really no excuse why you think you can’t get fit!

I decided to change my life!

I have since lost more than 31.75kg (5 stones) my rested heart rate is 46 bpm and my blood pressure is 126/60. I don’t have stomach ulcers, acid reflux and no longer take any medication for anything.

I sleep like a baby and awaken ready for action, I feel great and to be fare I look slim and quite fit.

I want all of you who feel out of shape or overweight to wake up before it is too late! If you don’t take action now and reduce the chances of many fatal diseases associated by being overweight you will regret it!

I have the route to your fitness and wellbeing.

Steph O'Hara Boyce

Steph O’Hara Boyce

Trainer - Liverpool and Chester

Me, a fitness blogger? Well, amazing things do happen.

I’m what you call an occaisonal runner and gym goer.

Yes, I do go – but I’m easily persuaded too to do a bit of shoping, put my feet up, go out with friends and so on.

But I do still get out there and go running or make it to the gym.

So, yes, I can help if you are a bit of a reluctant runner or just looking to get back into the gym or simply looking to lose some weight and start exercising – gentle exercising – again.

I’m a huge fan of the Clean 9 too. I’ve seen lots of people use it to start getting back into shape – looking better and feeling better as well.

Daniel Talavera

Daniel Talavera

Trainer - East London

I can help you to be fit and healthy following my experience and knowledge. At 41 years of age, I have played many sports including rugby, basketball, swimming and now skipping and running.

I have always been exceptical about costly professional advice. It is all about you understanding yourself and understanding how your body works.

The foundation of being happy with yourself and your performance in life relies on a balanced healthy diet, on the right habits, on a reasonable amount of exercise according to your own goals plus the right natural products to remain competitive nowadays.

I can help you create and set a healthy diet to help you get fit, lose weight and enjoy a balance.

I recommend my friends and followers to take Argi+ which can be found in the link.

Susanne Lewis-Vahl

Susanne Lewis-Vahl

Trainer - Chester

I care about health and fitness

Yes, I do keep fit – by mainly walking the dog and doing the shopping.

However, I do make sure that I eat really well and so does my family too.

I’ve discovered that you can lose some weight by exercising hard, but that you lose a lot more by changing (and improving) what you eat.

That’s why I love cleanse programmes and nutritional (not yo-yo) diets….

… because they feed the body what it needs and help to break the bad eating habits of a lifetime – too much sugar, alcohol or simply refined and processed food.

If you are interested in how I can help you, please get in contact with me and I’ll send you some useful information on what I do and we can chat about how I can help.

I work across the NW of England, where I mentor people looking to get fit and stay healthy as well as people looking to build an extra income working from home and promoting a better way of life in with Forever Living in Chester, Warrington and Manchester.

Neil Lewis

Neil Lewis

Trainer - Chester

I’m an entrepreneur, runner (as of 5 years), dad, husband and entrepreneur.

This year I’ve completed three 10k runs – Port Sunlight,  Manchester Great Run and the Natterjacks Southport run.

My goal is to complete a 10k at below 50 minutes.

I’m late 40’s & want to keep healthy and fit for a long time yet… and that’s what drives me to run.

If you are looking for a running companion – up to 10 KM – in the Chester, area, get in touch.

I can help set people up in business or just help people get great health and fitness products that can keep them fit, healthy and running for longer.

Get in touch if you want to find out more about what I do and the Forever FIT products I work with. Or you can directly order from our shop.