Weight loss goes hand in hand with exercise and a positive mental attitude

If you want to lose weight, then nutrition and attitude are areas that needs just as much focus as exercise.

Yet some people’s lifestyles are so busy that they struggle to physically train, never mind keep a positive attitude.

We need our minds to be “on task”. The common thought when you are training, is thinking of weights and exercising, but training also means preparing your body for whatever reason YOU want.

So first, have a goal of why you want to lose weight. Don’t say ‘it’s because I simply just want to lose weight’. Instead, set a clear objective, such as a holiday or fitting into a piece of clothing which gives you something to aim for and is realistic to YOU.

Boredom is one of the biggest factors that might cause you to not take your own health issues seriously and can result in eating too much bad food. The way to tackle this is to set good eating habits right from the start.

However, balancing of nutrition and exercise is difficult to judge, and a broader look at our lifestyles is needed to make substantial changes resulting in better physical health.

Most training regimes are very generic and don’t include personal characteristics, highlighting peoples strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, food intake is always a topic which takes a little trial and error to get right due to each of our unique life styles.

Generally speaking, there are some foods that can be used or supplemented in to our diets to help you lose weight more effectively. Here are some essential ideas to help you do just that;

  • Introduce fruit and vegetables in to your diet. Generally 5 a day is great but try and maintain this throughout the week
  • For protein intake, eat beans peas and lentils. There’s mixed cans you can buy very cheaply
  • Consider more turkey in your diet, it’s high in protein and less in fat compared to other white meats
  • Porridge is high in fibre and will keep you feeling full for longer, try adding berries for flavour
  • Make your food intake as colourful as possible
  • Eat at similar times daily, this helps with energy levels throughout the day
  • Physically training is fun with a friend, so try it for eating! “Work” alongside someone else for motivation

If you make small changes to your eating pattern there will be lots of positive results! There are lots of individual factors to consider, but if you roughly follow these guidelines as well as writing down your weekly plan, you WILL see benefits and feel much better about yourself!

If you want some more individual advice, simply email me at Matthew Doggart.

Feel free to comment on what works for you in achieving your goals and I hope this article helps.