What counts as exercise?

hoover vs lawn mowerI get asked this question all the time – “does this or that count as exercise”?

Well, in general, yes!

The key question is does ‘this or that’ exercise mean that your pulse or heart rate rises a little, perhaps you had to breath a little (or lot) deeper and you may (or may not) have felt your muscles straining.

Okay, that all sounds complicated – but a simple walk to work can easily count – mainly because you’ll be on a time schedule, so you won’t hang around / dilly dally and you’ll walk with purpose.

If so, then that counts as exercise.

So, on our Forever Fit 1 and Fit 2 programme, we set out exercise plans. You may be wondering, do you have to do all those squats or quads or planks? And the answer is no…. not really.

You can swap 2 hours of cleaning the house (500 calories for the average person) for 5k run! Seriously! They both have similar calorie burning effects.

Indeed, an average weight man (80kg) mowing the lawn for one hour will burn 440 calories.

Walking half an hour to work (and back again) at a brisk pace will burn 665 calories for a 40 year old man weighing 80 kilos. So, just park your car half an hour away from the office and you’re done! Or take the train – the walk on both sides of the station is all you need to keep fit!

If that’s a bit too much, just try walking 15 minutes to the office – you’ll still notch up over 300 calories of exercise. Just park the car at the most distant spot in the car park.

You can check out how many calories you can burn with the British Heath Foundations Calorie Counter.

10 minutes per day

No matter what exercise you do – make sure you get at least 10 minutes of exercise per day – without fail! Really, in many ways this is key – some days you might run 10k but if you have days when you literally walk down the drive to the car and drive to and from work – sitting all day – you’ll lose fitness at a frightening rate.

So, build 10 minutes of exercise into your day. If needs be, get up 10 minutes early and use the time to stretch, do a few press ups and floor exercises. The alternative is, of course, to make sure you get out of the office for a brisk 10 minutes during your lunch break.

It’s not hard, really, is it?

Losing weight, feeling better and looking better

When people take our Clean 9 and Fit programme to lose weight / kick-starting health and building fitness and lean muscle – they are often surprised to find that some exercise is involved.

That’s correct!

Fitness or losing weight comes from a combination of eating well and exercising. But here is the key…

… the changes can be gradual and gentle!

Often we don’t help people cut calories from their diet, but re-direct them to better quality of calories. So, foods and nutrition that will support their body’s systems and lead them to have more energy so that exercise becomes easy.

We then help them use that extra energy to build their exercise – starting with a bit of walking, if that is the right starting place for them – and then going on to achieve their fitness or health goals.

It needn’t be hard and it needn’t be difficult – that’s the good news! But, it does have to be sustained if we want consistent and long lasting results – and that’s where we can help.