What happens if you ‘don’t lose weight on Clean 9’?

don-t panicSometimes I get a panicked email or call after a couple of days saying ‘but I haven’t lost any weight on the Clean 9’. So, I thought I’d share how to respond to that…

Firstly – reassure

Don’t worry, its just part of the process and if you keep going, it will sort it self out. Some lose more weight at the beginning, others lose more at the end. So the most important thing is to keep going. After, it took years and years to get to your current level of fitness, weight and size – so do give the Clean 9 and Fit programme enough time.

Crucial, neither clean 9 nor the Fit 1 / Fit 2 programme is a miracle cure, but it is a change of eating and lifestyle. The best thing of course is that it is naturally inspired, so it takes time, so please go easy on yourself and allow it enough time to work. So stay committed to the plan.

Secondly – investigate

Here are some questions to ask to see if you should tweak things a bit…

  • have you been following the clean 9 plan/ booklet or a little eating extra? (Often we significantly underestimate the amounts we eat)
  • is your set of scales reliable? Did you know, for instance, that if you move your scales on a (slightly) uneven floor or use them on a carpet they will give you a different reading?
  • – are you measuring weight at the same time of day (before breakfast, after the toilet, before any drinks is best for reliable results)
  • – are you doing the 30 minutes of moderate exercise – eg. brisk walking? Don’t forget this, it is really important
  • – lastly, are you drinking 8 glasses of water per day? Are you keeping a record to be sure? Again, many people vastly underestimate how much water 8 glasses really is.

Finally, don’t worry too much about weight – we put a measuring tape into the clean 9 box – why? To measure inches and centimeters – because this is a better test than weight. (You get a gym towel in the Fit 1 / Fit 2 boxes in the UK 🙂 ) Weight fluctuates by +/- 2kg every day anyway – but whether your trousers or dresses feel tight – that’s something you notice.

So, after all this advice about weight – just focus on your measurements and the most important measurement of all is your waist. If you drop a trouser size or dress size, who really cares about weight?

(By the way – I am medically ‘overweight’ according to medical BMI tests – but that is just because I’m very fit – and hopefully shows that weight is not the most important test).

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